Monday, September 12, 2011

Reflection On Activities from 9/6

The experiments from class were fantastic and fun.  They were a useful exercise for us in class for many reasons.  First, they are great for us to see as future teachers.  All of the experiments we used in class can definitely be used in our future classrooms to teach science and inquiry to our students.  Our group did the dancing raisins and the iron in total cereal experiments.  These are both great because they involve items that kids are familiar with and have interacted with.  Most all kids have eaten raisins and cereal, so they can connect with the activity and are more inclined to be engaged.  Also they are exciting and interesting because they take normal daily foods and have them do irregular things, like make raisins dance.  All of the experiments also included elements of literacy as students had to read directions to be able to complete the experiment. Since we worked on these activities in groups it was also a great opportunity to share ideas with classmates and interact socially with our peers and this will be a crucial aspect of all of our future classrooms and for all of our future students.


  1. Doug,
    Isn't kitchen science too much fun! A great way to get kids thinking. Which lesson and book from Picture Perfect Science do you see yourself using in your classroom?
    Prof. Wright

  2. Being in Doug's group, I was able to experience all of these cool projects with him. I like how you pointed out the literacy aspect of these science experiments; you had to follow the directions specifically and carefully, which put the focus on reading as well. I also enjoyed how we could each have our own cup and raisins, but we were all doing the same project, so we could help each other out and compare what was happening in the different parts of each experiment with each other.

    Kitchen science rocks, and my table is pretty fun, too :)