Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture-Perfect Science (p. 1-32)

1. Goes with my philosophy of education:
"They are appealing and memorable because children readily connect with the imaginative illustrations, vivid photographs, and engaging storylines, as well as the experiences and adventures of characters, fascinating information that supports them in their quest for knowledge, and warms emotions that surround the reading experience." (p. 1)

2. Goes with my philosophy of education:
"Making meaningful connections during reading can improve comprehension and engagement by helping learners better relate to what they read." (p.12)

3. Goes with my philosophy of education:
"Fruitful inquiries evolve from questions that are meaningful and relevant to students, but they also must be able to be answered by students' observations and scientific knowledge they obtain from reliable sources." (p.19)


  1. I find evidence to #3 in my classroom. Students are by nature inquisitive and want to investigate answers to their questions. I want to teach students to think. Thanks for sharing.
    Prof. Wright

  2. I really like your 2nd quote. It is also a big part of my philosophy of education! I think it is so important for students to be able to comprehend and make connections to other things in their life and to the world. Making connections in order to get that deeper understanding is such a great strategy to have!